Just like you, I am a mama who adores motherhood and my baby. I know the days seem long, but looking back you realize how fast it flew by. I love how photos can help us remember our favorite memories. 

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I help mamas capture memories from pregnancy

I'm keli, a wife, a toddler mama to one, and a photo-holic

Meet your new photog bff...

Getting your photos taken can be intimate, capturing raw emotion between you, your baby, your family. Especially if you have had a traumatic birth, or postpartum emotions are running high.

You deserve a photographer that you trust. Someone that will make sure your hair isn't sticking out funny. Someone that will make you laugh, will listen, and most importantly, be just like your BFF.

I can't wait to get started!

I can't wait for this journey together!

While sitting in the NICU day after day, I knew that I wanted to have nice pictures of my little Selesa to remember this time. I ran to Best Buy that day and walked out with a Canon M50. I did mini photoshoots with her with the help of our nurses and respiratory therapy team. Each one of those photos I hold dear to my heart. It reminds me not only how small she was, but how strong and resilient both she and I were, to get through that difficult time together.

After realizing how important those photos were to me, I felt that every mom deserved to have beautiful images and memories of their babies to hold onto. Fast forward a few years, and I am making that dream a reality, so every mom can hold onto their baby just a little bit longer.

My photography journey began in the NICU with my 2 lb 11 oz preemie...

photos are the gateway to hold onto memories

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Anywhere on the beach, preferably in the Pacific Islands.

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The mornings when my daughter climbs in bed with me and kisses my cheek.

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Meghan Trainor

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— Rosalyn G.

It was one of the easiest (and most fun!) family photo sessions we have ever had!

— Sarah B.

Keli made our entire experience comfortable, enjoyable, and fun!

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From one mama to another, I know how special this time is for you. Let me help you to celebrate and remember this time forever!

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