If you are on this journey to figure out what’s going on with your body, your hormones, periods, PCOS, whatever it is, find a doctor who will support you. Someone who will actually figure out with you what is going on in your body.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is education with change. 

Education is power. It’s the power that gives us the strength to change. Because lets be real, change is really hard. 

The 4 Types of PCOS

My doctor gave me a blog to go read about the 4 different types of PCOS.

Did you know there were 4 different types? I sure didn’t!

If you’re a woman and you’ve ever thought you had PCOS, have been diagnosed with it, or you just want to know more about it, read it here.

The 4 different types of PCOS is insulin-resistant, post-pill, inflammatory, and adrenal.

My Diagnoses

When I was first diagnosed with PCOS, it was because I was overweight, had facial hair, and I had high testosterone. 

In 2020, I was given an ultrasound to “confirm” I had cysts on my ovaries, which I did not. I was told I didn’t have PCOS.

Now whether I had the diagnoses of PCOS or not, I know my body isn’t doing what it’s supposed to. I mean, no periods, can’t get pregnant, growing so much facial hair it’s impossible to pluck every hair out. I knew it wasn’t normal.

But let me tell you. It is so empowering to take a deep look inside and see what is actually  going on inside your body. (If you missed all my lab results, read it here).

This isn’t something you can know from the looks outside, the number on the scale, or just talking to a regular doctor for 15 minutes. 

I have since learned that I have insulin resistant and adrenal PCOS. 

I am only a few weeks into my journey, and I definitely can’t say I am perfect. I have ups and downs and all arounds. 

But I know the only person that can help me is me. Nobody can do it for me. There is no magic pill or diet that will fix this. 

These past few weeks I have been flooded with messages from so many incredible women who are going through similar experiences with their hormones and issues with their bodies. Thank you so much for sharing with me. You all are a light to me and keep me motivated to keep showing up and sharing my experience. 

Until next time,


HMH | The 4 Types of PCOS

May 11, 2023

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