Kailtyn is seriously one of the sweetest, most fun girls on this Earth. Not to mention she is a freaking rockstar mom! And James, her husband, is a super rad, super tall dude. You couldn’t meet a nicer couple, and I feel so lucky to have them as friends!

It always amazes me how fast time goes. I felt like it was just yesterday that I was taking their maternity photos! Now Walter is 6 months old?! Like, how does that even happen so fast?!

When we first scheduled Walter’s 6 month milestone photos, it was due to rain. Living in Washington, we are used to the rain, and James even said that it wouldn’t be the PNW if it doesn’t rain (he was all for doing the session still!). Buuuut as we all know as parents, babies rule the world. And since it was a tad chilly, we rescheduled for a nicer, sunnier day, which look how sunny it was! It was the most perfect weather, couldn’t be any more beautiful here in Tacoma!

One thing I love about this age is how giggly, cute, and curious these little babes are. Walter literally smiled and giggled at me the entire time, and I just wanted to melt! It was so fun watching him play with his mom and dad, touch and feel the leaves and flowers, and crawl into the grass. (Which by the way, Walter is a pro crawler, and I’m sure he is just getting into everything at home!)

Something I find just magical is how relationships can blossom after having a baby. I know, those sleepless nights are hard, learning to be parents is stressful, and managing your relationship between it all can feel impossible. I LOVED watching Kaitlyn and James interact. They just seem more in love, and I can tell that their experiences have only brought them closer.

Kaitlyn and James, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your family’s story! Walter is just the luckiest to have you two as parents, and I can’t wait to continue watching him grow!

Point Defiance Tacoma WA 6 Month Milestone & Family Photos | Perkes Family

June 9, 2021

Family of 3 during 6 month milestone photos at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA

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