I loved being able to capture such a beautiful time and moment for my friends. This “Fresh 48” session we did happened just a day after she gave birth. It just so worked out that I got to be there when her 2 older children got to meet their baby brother for the first time. If you’ve ever wondered what a Fresh 48 session would look like, or how it’s different than a newborn session, let’s talk about it!

A Fresh 48 session happens within the first 48 hours after giving birth. If you are anything like me, that time after you give birth is SUCH a blur. But you literally just performed a miracle, giving birth to your baby, and this lets you capture those intimate moments right afterwards. 

For this session, I tried to be a fly on the wall and just allowed the family to interact with each other, with baby, and captured all those little moments in between. 

I feel like this gave the perfect opportunity to capture the realness and rawness, all that emotion, in those first few days of having a baby. Don’t get me wrong, I will always love those newborn sessions, but those are a little more prepped and planned. 

Enjoy this little sneak peek into this session, and make sure you check out the family film I put together for them!

Tacoma Fresh 48 | Brunson Family

March 8, 2024

Mom holding her newborn baby boy

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