Family Photos In White Studio With 2 Year Old | Williams Family

June 2, 2021

I was so lucky to have the Williams Family in my studio! Ellen (the mom) and I met at church, and bonded over being pregnant just about the same time. Literally. Our due dates were just days apart from each other!

3 months before our due dates, I had my baby, and I guess Macy here just couldn’t wait any longer! She came a month early. Now, Ellen and I not only had pregnancy to bond over, but having preemies and being in the NICU! I couldn’t think of a better (and more scarier) way to make a friendship grow the way it did.

Macy is “tiny but mighty” as her parents always say. And that she is! She is full of light, love, and energy! Macy is such a great talker, she is quick on her feet (she runs way faster than me for sure!) and she is the cutest little ballerina. I just absolutely had to capture her dancing and playing with her mom!

I know capturing toddlers can be hard, especially when they are so quick, but this is just one of my favorite stages. I love watching their curiosity for the world around them grow. Looking at life through the lens of a toddler is just so pure, innocent, and fun!

I hope that one day, Macy can look back on these photos and feel how loved, important, and beautiful she is!

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  1. Cindy Weatherford says:

    These photos are stunning. You e really captured Macy’s curiosity, as she seems far more interested in what’s going on around her than of posing for a photo. Simply beautiful.

    • Elizabeth Vaeagi says:

      Thanks Cindy! I absolutely adore Macy and love her curiosity!! She is just the cutest!

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