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August 23, 2023

Emma and Dustin have such a beautiful family. And I am SO glad they decided to allow me to photograph their family.

I truly believe that every moment in your life is worthy to capture and remember, and having a 4 month old with such a bright personality definitely gives reason to celebrate and remember. 

This is their home. Their family. Their story.

During this shoot, I decided to use my on-camera flash. I usually try to stick with natural light. But here in Washington, it’s hard to always have that consistent natural light. 

Little Drew was so fascinated with the flash, which definitely kept her attention turned towards me during most of the photoshoot. 

But my favorite thing about the day was just how natural it was for Emma and Dustin to play with Drew and connect with her. I love getting to watch the bond between parents and their kids.

Emma and Dustin, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your sweet family!

Enjoy the photos below!

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