University Place Family Lifestyle Photoshoot | Shultz Family

August 13, 2023

I feel so honored every time a family welcomes me into their home and allows me to capture them as they are. These “lifestyle” photoshoots definitely have a strong tug on my heart. 

Everyone says that the days are long and the years are fast when you have littles. Maybe that’s why I am so partial to and love photographing these young families. It’s the same phase of life I’m in right now, and I just know how quickly they grow up.

For this photoshoot, I had planned with mom a few activities to play with the kids. We decided to use this photoshoot to focus on their connection, what “normal” day to day life was like for them, and just capture the kids personalities at this age.

I think this session nailed exactly that.

The family played with their legos, did puzzles, played games, dad brought out his ukulele, but my favorite part of the day was when they blasted their music and danced. 

Thank you so much Shultz family for allowing me to capture your sweet family! Your kids are so bright and you all were so much fun to be with. 

Don’t forget to check out this little sneak peek of the session below!

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