Family Photos & One Year Milestone | Dash Point State Park

July 24, 2023

One of my favorite things is getting to watch families expand and kids grow up through my camera. It is seriously one of the biggest honors to have a family come back to me over the years, and this family is even more special to me since I went to high school with mom and dad. 

Our last photo session together was when mom was pregnant. Now that her baby was one, they decided to celebrate and capture some updated family photos. 

We chose to do their family session at Dash Point State Park. If you’ve never been, it is seriously beautiful and definitely worth the visit!

You get beautiful creeks, bushy trees, a *sandy* beach (if you’re from the PNW, you know the struggle with all the rocky beaches), and gorgeous trails in a forest setting. 

Aria was pretty shy at first. Not *as* shy as she was our first 2 sessions together. But this time, I came prepared!

I brought her our toy camera. It’s simple and made out of wood, but she was able to be my little helper by taking “photos” of her family. She just lit up and was so excited the rest of the session.

Fin did so amazing. He loved getting to play with mom and dad and dip his toes into the water. 

Just the week before, the family had taken a camping trip at Dash Point and found a beautiful bridge and staircase that went over the creek. 

We found a gorgeous place by the creek for mom to sit on to spend some time to nurse her son and take some breastfeeding photos. We also took breastfeeding photos for Aria’s first birthday, and I just love that mom wants to celebrate and honor her journey with both of her kids.

Here is a little sneak peek from the session!

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